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Pest Control in Oxfordshire

Contact us today for professional, independent pest treatment or removal in the Oxfordshire area.  The sooner you call us for a free consultation, the sooner your pest problem will be solved.

Oxfordshire is a picturesque county, and is home to a rich array of wildlife.  The animals and insects which live in our woodlands, our fields, and even our gardens, are a joy to observe, and an important part of the local ecosystem.  But when those same creatures want to move into our houses with us, we must draw the line.  Foxes have their dens, birds have their nests, and people have houses; animals don’t expect to share homes with one another, and neither should they expect to share with us!

Oxfordshire residents who face an animal problem in their property may wonder, “Where can I find a professional pest control service near me?”  The good news is, from our base in Summertown, we are equipped to provide first class support to home and business owners throughout the county.  Does your property fall outside the Oxfordshire border?  It’s still worth getting in touch with our team, we will help you if we can.

Animal issues we can deal with include:

Rodent damage – One of the big issues in local pest control.  Oxfordshire has a large proportion of farm land, and sometimes the wildlife tries to migrate to residential areas.  Our teams are trained to find where the rodents are getting in, and advise on preventative measures.

Flies – Without regular support from experts in pest control, Oxford cafes and restaurants would struggle to maintain their hygiene standards.  We provide ongoing help for food handling establishments by providing effective and reliable insect trapping devices.

Bedbugs – Some pests you don’t even see coming.  They just appear one day, and they can be among the hardest to get rid of.  We’ve been practicing pest control in Oxford for years, and we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dealing with unsightly pests.

We understand that dealing with an infestation or the effects of animal activity is outside their comfort zone for most people, and will almost certainly disrupt your routine.  That’s why we tailor our service to work around you.  Just let us know the location of where you need our help, and a time at which you will be available.  That’s right, no need to take time off work, or rearrange your day – just call on Oxfordshire Pest Control and leave it to us to take care of your problem in a prompt and professional manner.  And when we get there, we won’t just try to apply a one-size-fits-all solution, we will recommend a course of action specific to your case.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to choosing your pest exterminator.  Making a search for ‘Exterminator Near Me’ is sure to throw up some results, but few independent pest control companies can boast our credentials.  If you’re in any doubt, contact our team for a friendly, no-obligation chat, and find out why so many property owners in the county come to us first for pest control in Oxfordshire.

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We offer contracts in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire. Any business can face a pest problem. For some businesses though (which serve or handle food) an infestation can have major health and safety implications. Only proactive, robust and professional pest control can provide reassuring protection from the risk of pests on your premises. Let us help you, we have more than 10 years experience in both food safety and pest control.


As our customer we value your time. We understand that you can’t alway stay at home the entire day to wait for someone to complete a job. In your home, pest control is very important. Luckily, getting rid of pests has never been easier ! With the help and advice of a highly trained, friendly OPC technician, you can be free from all types of pests that may be hidden in your property. Just search for, pest control companies near me. We cover all of Oxfordshire.

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Our pest control gets the job done. Guaranteed. If the first treatment is unsuccessful, you will not pay for the second.


Oxfordshire Pest Control can help you create a bespoke HACCP plan that will ensure food safety.

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