How do I get rid of bed bugs?


Adult bed bugs resemble a small brown disc, measuring up to 6 mm in length. They are wingless but their legs are well developed and they can crawl up most vertical surfaces. How do I get rid of bedbugs? Oxfordshire-PestControl your local pest control company in Oxfordshire can help.

Bedbug on skin


Bed bugs can be introduced to your property by attaching itself to your luggage and clothing. They can also be introduced through second-hand beds, furniture and possessions.


They are mainly active at night and hide in crevices in the bed, surrounding furniture and also behind skirting boards.


Bed Bugs need to feed on human blood, however they can survive a year without feeding.

Why Control Bed Bugs?

Bed bug bites causes red, irritating marks. Not everyone reacts to the bites, however some people do develop a move severe reaction. Bed Bugs are not known to spread diseases. At Oxfordshire-PestControl we use a residual spray to ensure we clear your premises of all the bed bugs. How do I get rid of bed bugs, call Oxfordshire-PestControl you local bed bug experts in Witney, Oxford, Banbury and everywhere in between.

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