How Do I Get Rid Of Rats……

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How do I get rid of rats? To answer this question we will need to understand why we need to do this…..

Rats carry many nasty diseases which they can spread to humans, normally through their urine. including; Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease, Salmonella, Listeria, Toxoplasma gondii and Hantavirus.

How do I get rid of rats?

At Oxfordshire-PestControl we have various ways that we can deal with any rodent problems. First we will do a free site survey to establish the course of treatment. This will help Oxfordshire-PestControl to get the correct treatment in place. The question that we get asked the most is “how do I get rid of rats?”

Firstly will be proofing. This is when we make sure that all access point into the property is blocked off. Unfortunately this is not always an easy task as rodents can get through the smallest gaps. We will look at the drains, the attic and all areas around the outside of the property.

Secondly will be hygiene and housekeeping. Ensure that all available foodstuffs are placed out of reach, this also includes removing all available housing. One good solution will be to place all animal feed in plastic bins with lids.

Thirdly will be the poison treatment. In areas like the Cotswolds we need to take great care not to poison any non target species. (not that we do in any other areas). We have the ability to use a variety of poisons in various forms. We need to be sure that the rats in Oxfordshire, especially areas like Chipping Norton are not immune to the active ingredient used.

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