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We are your experts in moth removal in Oxfordshire!  We know that your time is precious, so we will arrange a 2 hour slot that suits you. Please be aware that we could run late at times due to unforeseen circumstances. We need to ensure that we give all our customers the best possible service and at times we could run late. We use the latest technology that ensures that we will eradicate all the moth and larvae.

We use a combination of treatments to ensure success every time we carry out a moth job.

Oxfordshire pest control are experts at moth removal in Oxfordshire. There are several species of clothes moths. The adult Common Clothes Moth is 6 to 7mm long with pale, plain golden-buff wings fringed with hair.  

 The adults do no damage when feeding. It is the larvae that is the problem. They hatch from the sticky eggs that eat wool, hair, fur or feathers – with a preference for blankets, wool carpets, wool garments or upholstery that have been soiled with perspiration or food. The grubs are white caterpillars with golden-brown heads, they spin a characteristic loose silk webbing, beneath which they feed. 

Oxfordshire pest control can help you get rid of the wasps fast, effective and with a guarantee that they will not return to the same nest if the nest cannot be removed. We will assess the situation and use a variety of ways to remove it.  

Oxfordshire pest control technicians are all trained and qualified to deal with your moth infestation in the best possible way. The common way of dealing with moths inside the property will be fumigation but various other methods are also used. This works very well especially in hard to reach places as Oxfordshire pest control uses the latest technology to ensure the best possible results for moth removal in Oxfordshire.  

How do you prevent moths in your home? 

Man-made fibres have reduced the house moth problem. The best way to prevent the moths will include scrupulous cleaning of all woollens and storing them and furs in sealed polyethene bags. Store the clothing in a cool room if possible at all. Hang moth repellents in all of your wardrobes.  

All the methods used by Oxfordshire pest control will comply with the industry standards. We will ensure that all non-target species are unaffected by our treatments, this includes your pets.  


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Clothes moth
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