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Oxfordshire pest control are experts at the eradication of fleas in your home. We get two types of fleas in the UK. The most common is the cat flea Ctenocephalides felis. Less often, we get dog fleas Ctenocephalides canis. 

 What are the risks to people and pets? 

 The problem to humans is the infection which can be caused by prolonged itching when left untreated. Flea bites could cause skin complaints, and can also exacerbate respiratory illnesses and cause complications. Your pet will suffer from a great deal of discomfort and could also have an allergic reaction to the flea’s saliva. Prolonged periods of infestation can cause your pet to develop anemia from the loss of blood. 

Female fleas can live up to two years, and in that time could lay up to 1500 eggs.The females must first feed from an infested animal, and then lay their eggs.The eggs will drop onto the floor and surrounding furnishings, after a few days the eggs will develop into larvae. The female fleas can’t lay viable eggs if they have not had a host animal blood meal.

Oxfordshire pest control technicians are all trained and qualified to deal with your flea infestation in the best possible way. The treatment for any infested homes is the application of a residual insecticide. This can be applied as a liquid spray or powder. The insecticide is applied to all floor surfaces. 

 How to prevent fleas in your home. 


  1. Vacuuming – frequently vacuum the areas your pet is around. 
  1. Washing – regularly wash your pet’s bedding. 
  1. Gardening – keep your garden tidy by mowing your lawn and raking up any leaves 

All the methods used by Oxfordshire pest control will comply with the industry standards. We will ensure that all non-target species are unaffected by our treatments, this includes your pets.  

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