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Here at Oxfordshire Pest Control, we are experts at eradicating pests in your home or business. We can provide effective flea removal solutions for houses in Oxford and surrounding areas to tackle infestations and help you regain control of your home.

Preventing Flea Infestations

Many pet owners will be all too familiar with the hassle of fleas. To avoid an infestation, you can take steps to prevent them from settling in your home and remove existing flea eggs from your floors and furnishings before they hatch.

• Regularly clean your pet’s bedding

• Vacuum the areas your pet sleeps and plays in

• Fleas can live in your garden, so keep your outside areas tidy by mowing the lawn and raking up old leaves.

• If fleas are present in your home, we recommend contacting our flea pest control service before your problem gets of hand.

Why Fleas are a Problem

In the UK, we have two types of fleas. The most common type is the Ctenocephalides Felis, and the rarer is the Ctenocephalides Canis. They can cause great discomfort and itchiness for your animals. In rare cases, your pet could suffer from an allergic reaction to flea saliva. In severe cases of prolonged exposure, your pet could develop anaemia from loss of blood. Humans can also be prone to flea related skin complaints, respiratory illness and infections caused by itchy, broken skin. Fumigation of the home is an effective method we use to remove fleas.

An Itchy Pet to an Infestation 

Though they may seem like a short-term issue, female fleas can live up to two years. Within that lifetime, one female can lay up to 1500 eggs in your home. They can only lay eggs once they have fed on an infested animal. If they spread to other areas of the house, such as bedrooms, they will feed on humans instead. The eggs drop into carpets and furniture, and the eggs will develop into larvae. Without a fast response, the problem can spiral.

Flea Extermination and Fumigation Methods

Here at Oxfordshire Pest Control, we provide fast and reliable flea removal services no matter the size of the problem. Our flea and pest exterminators are fully trained and qualified to administer solutions and monitor the situation in the following way:

• We apply a residual insecticide to all floor surfaces by liquid spray or powder.

• We offer competitive fixed prices and transparent communication throughout the process.

• All our flea fumigation methods comply with industry standards.

• We ensure that pets and other non-target species are unaffected by our flea extermination treatments.

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