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Wasp and Wasp Nest Removal, Extermination and Disposal, Oxfordshire

Call in the pest control experts to remove wasps and wasp nests from inside or outside your home. From your first call, we respond fast. Using the latest technology, our wasp removal and disposal service guarantees that the infestation will not return. Simply let us know what time suits you, and we will happily work around you. We are a trusted independent pest control business in Oxfordshire, with over 10 years of experience.

You may have a wasp problem if:

• You see swarms of wasps gathering in the same area of your home or garden
• Buzzing noises – this could indicate the presence of a hidden wasp’s nest.
• A round-shaped structure resembling a rugby ball that appears to be made of grey paper. These wasp nests can be found hanging from trees or rafters.

If you discover any of these signs, do not attempt to remove them yourself. Wasps are highly territorial, and quickly become aggressive if threatened. Wasp stings can be dangerous if you are allergic to them. The best thing to do is stay away from them and call our specialist wasp removal service as soon as possible. Our pest control experts are trained and equipped to effectively tackle wasps’ nests safely, with the latest technology.

Most wasps found in the UK are the common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) and larger German wasps (Vespula Germanica) Common wasps are generally more aggressive than German wasps, but both species are highly territorial and will sting if provoked.

1 – Call Oxfordshire Pest Control

If you suspect that there is a wasp nest present anywhere inside or outside your property, call the wasp nest exterminators at Oxfordshire Pest Control immediately. We will arrange a 2-hour timeslot that suits you.

2 – Inspection

A member of our wasp nest treatment team will come to your property at the time you request. They will pinpoint the location of the nest and decide on the most suitable course of action to exterminate and dispose of the nest.

3 – Removal

On the same day, our pest control technician will use chemicals to destroy the nests and all wasps inside. Our wasp removal treatments work instantly, and we guarantee that the problem will not return.

How We Work

The main ways our pest control experts can remove a wasps nest include:

• Insecticidal Powder – this is the most common method we use for indoor wasp problems. The technician will apply a small amount of powder to the nest. This works especially well in hard-to-reach places, as we can reach with an extendable lance. The powder is enough to kill all wasps inside the nest. Any wasps returning to the nest will become coated in the powder.
• Insecticidal Foam – If you have a wasp’s nest outside your property, our team will use a powerful foam to disintegrate the nest, and remove all wasps. We spray a jet of foam onto the nest from 2 metres away. This is enough to kill all wasps inside, and any in the surrounding area.

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